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Travel Pet Car Seat Bed

Travel Pet Car Seat Bed

Travel Pet Car Seat Bed

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About Travel Pet Car Seat Bed

If you are encountering your pets restless during car rides, this is because they are experiencing stress or anxiety inside a moving vehicle. Factors that contribute to this problem are motion sickness and the fear of being inside an enclosed moving vehicle. Some of the behaviours they show when they experience discomfort are constantly moving around, barking or meowing, attempting to escape, urinating or soiling, panting, vomiting and agitation. This behaviour can distract you and potentially be unsafe for the driver and put everyone at risk.

Your Travel Pet Car Seat Bed is the ultimate solution to keeping your dog or cat comfortable and cosy during a car ride. Aside from that, it also keeps your furry travel partners secured in their seat so they don’t fall over during hard breaks or turns. The Travel Pet Car Seat Bed comes with 2 safety buckles that attach the bed to the car seat, a strap to clip onto your pets’ collar or harness to make sure they stay in place. This also keeps them from distracting the driver which prevents car accidents.

Versatility. Prefect for small and medium-sized pups.

Ease of Installation. Lightweight and portable that installs and removes easily.

Ease Cleaning. Washable and removable dog car bed covers.

Safety Features. Attached securely to your car seat and prevent it from moving around during rides.


Cats and dogs are social creatures that need social contact. They are likely to get lonely that could lead to depression, especially for dogs, when they are left all alone by themselves. Luckily, taking them with you is easier than you think. Pet Cush Co Travel Pet Car Seat Bed is made of high quality lightweight material that is easy to carry and easy to transport. It fits perfectly to any car size and can accommodate flexible pet size range. On top of that, it can easily be converted from car seat bed to indoor bed.

Turn a sad pet into the most fun and loving pet!


A comfortable bed is one of major essential items your cats or dogs need for the rest of their lives. It is a necessary investment to keep your pets comfortable a home and live a long and happy life.

Whether you are an on-the-go owner or a stay-at-home pet parent, providing a cozy and safe space for your furry best friends should never be a problem.





Safety strap for the collar or harness
Keeps your pet attached to the seat so they don't fall over during hard breaks or turns.

Removable and washable inside cushion

No problem with mess or dirt. Your pet bed will be spotless with one wash also keeps it hygienic and away from bacteria and viruses.

Hidden zipper safe for pets

Painless for pets as fur or hair won't get caught with the covered zippers.

Water and stain resistant

Made of smart fabric that rejects spillages, moist and stain so you can be worry-free on your adventure.




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